What breed of cows you have?
We have 100 % pure indigenous Gir (desi breed) cows in our farm.
Why you use glass bottles?
Glass bottles are healthier and safe for your family as glass bottles maintains the freshness, purity and actual milk flavour and are totally environment friendly as well as protects us from microplastic being diluted in the milk when packed in PVC pouches provided that the PVC are one of the major cause of environmental pollution and human ill these days.
Did you treat cows with any kind chemicals, injections or hormones?

We strongly committed to use only natural intake for our cows forbidding the use of any kind of chemicals, artificial supplemets, etc.

What is Organic Milk?

Organic milk is that milk which comes from the cows that are fed with fresh organic fodder that has grown by using natural fertilizers such as cow dung, urine, ark, neem oil, etc. and haven’t treated with antibiotics and other chemicals, hormones, etc. Regular milk contains residue of chemicals, urea, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, supplements, etc. i.e. one of the major causes of cancer these days.

Did you use any preservatives, flavours, additives in milk?
We do not use any kind of preservatives, flavours or additives. Our milk is natural and pure as it is given by cow. The milk is packed in the sterilized and cleaned bottles after cooling it at 4 degree Celsius.
How the cows are cared?
Our cows are provided with personal attention from our care takers. Every detail about a each cow is maintained to ensure their health and physical condition. Personal veterinarian provides all type of preventive health measures. Unhealthy cows are kept in different areas for their care and even their milk is not poured for our consumer’s intake.
What is fed to the cows?
The cows are only provided with fresh green in-house grown fodder using cow dung, urine and other organic and natural fertilizers. We strictly prohibited the use of any chemical based product in our farms in every perspective. Jau, Kapas Seed, Coconut, Til, Makka (Corn), Gehu Chapad, Jawar Kutti, Rajka, Lemon grass, Napier grass, Ginni grass, Azola, etc., all are grown by us for the consumption of cows.
Can the consumers visit the dairy farm?
Our consumers are heartily welcome at the dairy farm and can see the entire process starting from the cutting of the nutritious fodder to the milking of the cows. For more information, contact us.
What mode of payment do you accept?
We accept all forms of online payments (debit/credit cards, net banking, UPI, wallets, etc.) as well as cash mode payments.
What if milk is undelivered by your side in any circumstances?
We ensure that every delivery will take place as it is intended to be. In case, if we do not deliver your milk, double the quantity of undelivered milk will be added to your existing milk plan/subscription.
What if milk bottles accidently broken by the consumer?
INR50 is charged per broken bottle (500/1000ml)
What are the milk delivery timings?

Milk usually gets delivered between 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM.

Is this pasteurized milk?
No. The milk is not pasteurized, it is completely raw and packed after being chilled at 4 degree Celsius.
Preparation of Ghee?
We prepare ghee from natural Vedic Bilona technique just as it should be prepared. First the A2 milk is converted into curd, then the curd is churned (by wooden Rai) to form butter and then the butter is heated to form Ghee.
Why Girpure products are high on price?
Gir cow’s average milk yield is 7-8 litres per day as compared to foreign/cross breeds i.e. Holstein Friesians (HF), Jersey, etc. that gives 30-40 litres per day.

Moreover, using organic practices makes Girpure milk expensive.

How can I subscribe for Girpure Milk ?
You can subscribe to our milk on call/whatsapp/web/app.
Can I order milk package/subscription by calling Girpure?
Absolutely. You can place your milk subscription by calling us.
What If I want to cancel or want extra milk on a certain day?
You can simply call us by 3:00 PM one day before and add to your need.
How the extra required milk will be charged?
You will be billed separately for the extra delivered milk at the same milk rate of your current milk plan.
Have any other Queries/Questions?
Feel free to call/WhatsApp us at 8883588827 / 0141-4014298 or write to our mail at [email protected].