Refund Policy
Invalid Delivery

A delivery will be considered invalid at our end if you intimated us in advance at least by 3pm a daybefore. If you receive a delivery despite this, you are eligible for a refund.

Refusing delivery without prior information does not qualify for any type of refund. The following are the only admissible ways of prior intimation: Call/Email/WhatsApp us.

Please note, informing the delivery boy is not admissible as formal intimation of order. The customer care department is the only authorized channel for this.

Wallet Balance

The amount in the wallet is completely refundable to the customer. (provided that the customer intimate his intention in 3 days advance).

Milk Unfit for Consumption

Our milk has no preservatives or additives and has not been undergone through any process. Maintaining optimum temperature and minimal delivery time, hence, is key to keeping the milk fresh and fit to be consumed. However, in any inevitable consequences; causing the milk to sour on the day of delivery, you can request a refund for the said milk. Refund is initiated to the wallet once we collect the soured/unfit milk bottles from you.

Accidental Bottle Breakage

Each(500ml/1L) broken glass bottle will be charged at INR50.

We request you to rinse and return the bottles on every next scheduled delivery.